Michael Gutierrez-May



About Michael Gutierrez-May

I am a singer-songwriter who has been focusing on songwriting and collaborations at the moment along with occasional live performances. I have been involved in folk and acoustic music for the past 30 years as a coffeehouse manager, concert organizer and now as a songwriter and occasional performer.

I first became involved in folk and acoustic music in the early 1980's. I have been writing songs since I was 16 years old. I was formerly the manager of Peacock Coffeehouse in Jamaica Plain, Mass. which had an illustrious two and a half year run from February, 1986 to June, 1988. Shortly after the coffeehouse closed, I produced a demo tape of ten songs I had written, performed at some open mike showcases and promptly crawled back into my shell, not ready to do more than just that with my music. Now some 20 years later, having continued to write songs, I completed my first commercial five song CD/EP, Fifty Miles Away. Just before this, I created a demo CD of a musical, Tenderness and Joy which is not in commercial release but is available at my live performances.

Over the past 4-5 years, I have participated in the annual February Album Writing Months (FAWM) and also have participated in the 50/90 songwriting challenge for the past three years. From last year's 50/90 sprang The Carrot Song, which is already a hit with a video on You Tube. I am currently working on an album of live recorded "funny" songs to be titled "Carrots, Geese and One Dead Leprechaun" including The Carrot Song and 11 other live recordings. I have also been working on a new album of songs inspired by Nueva Cancion classics such as La Muralla and Gracias A La Vida. and during FAWM 2012, I completed six more new songs which may appear on this album project. Two recent collab songs, Endless To You with Petra Cook and Sunday Afternoon 5pm with Marie Tueje and Peter Watkinson have recently been accepted for feature status at the Ultimate Underground LA radio site (Endless) and Skope.com (SA5PM). In May, 2012, Taliesen, a song collaboration with Chip Withrow and Kristian Borresen, remixed and produced by Stuart Epps with additional music by Paul Hirsh (Status Quo) was chosen by Skope.com for review and feature status. (www.skopemag.com)

I am currently more active than ever with playing live. I am also busy as the coordinator of the Songwriters In The Round series at Catbird Café, New England Wildlife Center in South Weymouth, Mass, producing a new show there every three months. I play an average of 1-2x a week at local open mikes in Eastern Mass and the South Shore, so if you see me, say hello and let me know more about you.