Thomas Pace



About Thomas Pace

For the past five years Thomas Pace has recorded and released a steady stream of remarkable records that few Chicago songwriters could claim to have paralleled.

In 2003 Pace's solo debut "Walking Distance" met with wide acclaim from both fans and critics. Creating a solid foundation for future works "Walking Distance" remains a fan favorite.

In 2004, during the lead-up to the presidential election, Pace postponed working on his follow up album to write and record the politically charged, four-song EP "If You Want to be Heard, Speak Up!" It is with the "Speak Up" Ep that Pace garnished his first attention at the national level.

In early 2006 Pace released the heart-breaking and haunting "Electrocaine."With the help of performances from some of the best musicians in Chicago and around the country, "Electrocaine" solidified his place among Chicago's premier songwriters.

After hosting the Chicago House of Blues weekly Songwriter-in-the-Round show for nearly two years, Pace returned to the studio has finally released what can only be described as his culminating work.

On "New American Way," Pace continues with his habit of making extraordinary records. Pace's songs offer a unique honesty that often capture the truth at a basic level.

"I think of it as kind of an American self-portrait. Says Pace looking as though he's apologizing. "If you look hard enough, you might even be able to see yourself. I know I do."



Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter