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About Ken Lehnig

I started playing professionally in 1964 with a band called Somethinu. we were a guitar band in a world full of big horn dance bands. And we worked all the time. I gigged up and down the coast and had a pretty good following in the late 60's and early seventies. A lot of that time is a fog to me now. My son discovered through archived material that I was at Bill Grahms funeral. It must have been quite a party because I didn't remember being there. Rest in peace Bill. For those who remember the White Whale in La Jolla- The Chocolate Pie- Paul and Maggies- I'm glad you're still with us and your memory is intact. LA was a cooking place in the early and mid seventies, We were actually paid to play in those days. I even signed with a major in those ole hippie days. Kept playing and writing into the eighties. Started up a few construction outfits and worked way too hard. -Got deathly ill for a few years and turned myself int a computer geek- got well and started playing music again. Life and God is good no matter how tough it seems.I posted a few cuts from my current band's work 'The Burning Sage Band' we are still at it after all these years.- and some solo pieces.
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