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About Emily Earle

Emily started writing when she was little; she wrote short books. By about third grade she realized that no one had the time or inclination to sit down and read a poorly written, 12-page, 10-point font story by a third grader. Not even her dad. So she started writing short poems. The highlight of her poetry career was an earnest contribution to a family friend's proposal to his girlfriend.

However, it wasn't until eighth grade that she really realized she wanted to be a writer. She had told her teacher that she wanted to be president when she grew up, after her teacher laughed at her she decided she would write, because it was much more practical.

Guitar didn't come until high school. Emily was told that she couldn't audition for the pops concert they have at the end of the year unless she could accompany herself. This was a day before the audition.

Unable to pass up the chance to perform, she borrowed her dad's guitar and spent the night learning the three chords to Buddy Hollys Its So Easy. The next day at the audition she was the only person accompanying herself. Thanks to that episode, she not only learned to play guitar, she learned to check her sources. Emily has been playing guitar ever since.

By the end of high school, this guitar playing and poetry writing had evolved into bad songwriting.
At 18, Emily left home to pursue her passion for music. After a few years in Boston attending Berklee College, She worked her way to New York City where she made a living playing in the subways. She spent her days underground on train platforms, and her nights in bars and clubs playing alone or with her band.

Not one to stay in one place, Emily is currently living in Nashville Tennessee working on her writing. She recently performed on season 3 of NBC's the Voice. For more about Emily Earle go to www.emilyearle.com Twitter: @emilyearle or www.youtube.com/emilyfainearle