Clare Reynolds



About Clare Reynolds

The short story...

I grew up in Noosa, a small beach-side town on the East coast of Australia. My childhood was a happy one. My days were filled making up little songs around the house, performing at the local theatre, hanging out at beach, chasing my big brother around and like all kids, getting up to mischief. My parents and their friends influenced my musical tastes with Mavin Gaye, James Taylor, Carole King, The Four Tops, Chicago, Bob Dylan, Led Zepplin and The Beatles.

At 17 I moved away to the city to study classical voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. 4 years later I graduated knowing that playing my own music was what I wanted to do. I spent my time after that writing and playing shows and 3 years ago decided it was time to record my first album. It took 18 months to make and in September 2007, I sold my car and everything I owned and hoped on a plane to America. Traveling from the West coast to the East, I experienced the ups and downs of following a dream. At the end of the 6 months I came out the other side with great friends, an insight into the music industry and a bag of tricks and life lessons. This journey helped in my self discovery as an artist, a songwriter, a musician and a human being.

2008 brought me some major highs and lows... traveling back and forth to America, playing festivals in Canada, writing with LA and Nashville songwriters via skype video, supporting top Australian artists Wendy Matthews and Vanessa Amorosi and winning numerous International Songwriting and Performing Awards. In July of this year my family was struck with hard times when my future father in law got a rare virus and was in hospital for 3 months. Days upon days were spent sitting in hospital rooms, waiting for him to wake up... Thankfully he survived and is slowly on the mend. Someone was on our side.... 2009 is looking like it will be another adventurous year. I'm heading to London in March for 6 months, to write, record and tour. I'll be working with some great people so it's looking like it will be an exciting time!!! So that's my very short story so far... What else can I tell you...

I'm passionate about wildlife conservation and the protection of all animals. Like most of us I dream about the day when we can stop fighting each other and see what's really important in life. I'm optimistic that we can live on a healthy planet and once again enjoy mother nature. I have a beautiful dog, 'Maddi' and one day I dream of having lot's of dogs and cats and cows and pigs and chickens and anything else that needs a home. I sponsor an 11 year old boy in Haiti, his name is Louis. I'm reading the Harry Potter books at the moment(I'm on to the last one), my favorite food is green beans(strange, I know). I don't think I could tell you my favorite films, the list is too long and my ipod is full of just about everything, although I'm loving Sia and Dylan at the moment. Everything else you need to know about me is in my songs. Words are everything, so if you want to know how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking, you know where to find me.... xxx