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Two years ago, a friend came back from Africa and told me a story about a little 5 year old girl he met who rarely spoke or smiled. He asked what was wrong with her, and was told she'd likely been raped and molested dozens, if not hundreds of times. Of times more than once in a day. "That's just the culture here," they told him.

He spent a week earning her trust and loving her the right way, the Jesus way, and at the end of the week she told him her name....


A few months ago, I found out that one of my best childhood friends, a girl who lived right down the street from me and with whom I played every day, shared a similar history with Mercy. Only, in her case, her father was her abuser. I only recently learned that when she mysteriously disappeared from school in 7th grade, it was because she was pregnant with his child.

I used to sing and write songs about my sad, depressed life. About losing love. About feeling sorry for myself. About internal, spiritual battles with lies and hate and theological discrepancies between the bible and reality. About things I though mattered most.

Surely, I'll continue writing songs like that.

But my reason for singing has changed, and I hope the content will keep changing too. Because Mercy and my neighbor growing up deserve a voice.

I just hope mine will do.

Join Mocha Club for $7/month (the cost of two mochas) and help rescue little girls like Mercy who swarm the villages of Africa. She's not alone, and you can do something.

Or, if you can't do that, find someone who needs love. They're worth whatever investment you make.

I promise.



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