Farnell Cole



About Farnell Cole

I'm a 5th generation Florida Cracker, raised up in the piney woods, black-jack oak hammocks & river swamps of North Florida. I started slipping into bars and juke joints around these parts when I was 15 years old, knowing full well if my Mama and Daddy caught me there would be hell to pay. While I was there I listened to many a fine picker, singer and songwriter. From keg parties, festivals and barn dances, all night Church sings, and impromptu jam sessions on the front porches, or just sitting around a cooker in backyards at a friend's house with a bottle of whiskey, or a cold beer, I've heard some great musicians in my years. Many of them while they were just getting started, and often times they played for free in the local knife and gun clubs across North Florida, just to get their music heard. All the while trying to make it "Big" in the business, and some of them actually did…

A lot of today's Country Music does not sound country to me, so I often find myself searching out and listening to sho nuff good ol' chit-kicking outlaw country, original bluegrass, southern rock and southern gospel tunes wherever I can find em. In other words, I still like those old tyme whiskey & beer drinking, belly rubbin, cheatin and killin, songs I grew up on.

I've made a lot of mistakes along the way but the only one who really matters in the end has forgiven me my sins, so I'm alright now. I have a good wife who loves me and a grown, loving daughter who has always made me proud. And I really don't give a damn about what others think, say or do, as long as they leave me, my friends, and my family alone.

In my spare time, I write songs and try to play out the tunes on a couple of old guitars I've acquired along the way. I've been published in Nashville, and I have recieved some high marks from the various writing contest I have participated in over the past few years.

The song "Empty Bottles", (showcased here) is one that I co-wrote with my good friend Dave Younger from California, a really fine songwriter, long time front man in a touring, Kick-azz Country Band, and a great all around musician. Dave cut it as a demo, so give it a listen here on my play list. Dave and I have more coming soon, so stand by.

I'm also currently co-writing with another good friend of mine, Bill Holley Jr. from Texas, who has preformed professionally for many years, and now doing session work when not writing. Our first song together is Celebrate TGIF (which can also be found on on my play list above). Bill and I will be adding several more of our songs to this site real soon, so stand by to have a listen, and then tell us what you think.

What started as a way to get my mind off of some of my life's lowest points, has now became a way to express myself, after having spent the first 30+ years not knowing how. Thanks to the continued encouragement of my long time friend, and guitar picker, Walt West from Orange Lake, Florida, I write about the people and things I know and things that I've seen or have done myself in this life. Some of those things were good and some were bad, but I always try to write the truth, hoping others can relate to what I have written.

Some knowledgeable folks in the music business are starting to take notice of some of my efforts, so I continue to try to write more, and better songs while learning this craft, making my way slowly through this exciting chapter in my life.

I'm sure I have already written several hit songs, it's just that nobody else has ever heard em or recorded em yet.

F. Cole