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About Kate York

With introspective, angel-voiced songwriter Kate York's lush, heartbroken ballads, 'Sadlylove' is spellbinding. An early contender for record of the year." So says Steve LaBate, Associate Editor at Paste Magazine. This kind of effluent praise is both familiar and deeply humbling for the New England based songstress as she prepares the release of the second full-length outing, "For You". After years of development, including countless solo concerts, vocal sessions and songwriter pairings York came to be counted as one of the artistic bright spots in the growing "other-than-country" music community in her former home-town of Nashville. Lauded by friends and fans as one of the best songwriters and possessing the type of sweetly haunting vocal style that added new color to the Nashville sound, York released her acclaimed solo debut to roundly enthusiastic endorsement by media and fellow artists like Sixpence None The Richer's Leigh Nash and Canadian
alt-country breakout Kathleen Edwards. She soon found herself sharing stages with artists of various backgrounds and niches, finding favor, if not exact stylistic comparability, with all. Her new project, "For You", capitalizes on all of the creative and critical momentum as it turns in thirteen songs that take her sound to a completely new level. Contributions by friends and co-conspirators like Nash, Erin McCarley and Landon Pigg, bring an even wider and more evocative range of sound and hue than hinted at on Sadlylove. This compelling batch of songs, produced masterfully by Ian Fitchuk and Justin Loucks will certainly go a long way towards further defining the emerging New Nashville Sound; a seamless blend of American heart with artful electronica and nuanced shading currently being explored by artists like Paper Route, Mat Kearney and Matthew Perryman Jones. But just as York settled in at the top of her Nashville game, she pulled up stakes and
headed east to New England for a fresh perspective and new horizons. Though increasingly ensconced in the creative community of her new home, she returns to Nashville regularly to write with some of the most successful names in country, pop and Gospel music. Recently signing with EMI Music Publishing, York has been writing more than ever. "This is such an exciting time," she admits. "Between releasing the new record and spending so much time writing with other artists and songwriters, I am busier than I have ever been." "Still," she adds thoughtfully, "There is nothing I'd rather be doing. This is such a blessing and honor, to make a living doing what i love most. i can't wait to see where these new roads will lead