Rachel Pearl


Songwriter, Band


About Rachel Pearl

Rachel Pearl's voice is mesmerizing, transporting; her fashions are elegant, eccentric; and her mix of musical styles never fails to take her audience to places they don't expect to go; A tousle of red atop shapely dress, she takes the old, mixes it with the new and constantly tests the boundaries of where music should go. Pearl has a way of turning every vocal performance into a lesson in chemistry between an audience and a true artist.

Whether she's channeling the 20th Century classics of Ella, Billie Holiday and Tina Turner, or crooning one of the self-penned compositions from her 2007 debut CD, Love Extravagantly, Rachel Pearl is consistently putting down roots in her own chosen field.

You can usually find her in Nashville's backyard experimenting in night clubs like Mercy Lounge, The Basement, Cafe Coco and The Rutledge. Careful - her chemistry will entice you inside. Before you even know it your hand will be stamped and you'll find your eyes focusing on a spot-lit stage. There you'll see a tousle of red atop shapely dress. And if you're lucky enough to find a table, sit back, and just listen to Rachel Pearl.



Alternative Pop, Indie Pop, Jazz-Pop, Pop, Singer/Songwriter