About ApB

I had spent over 15 years in Los Angeles, where I'd attended GIT, and learned different aspects of the guitar from several, world renowned, instructors. Shortly after my studies there, I went on to play 100's of live shows with various groups, and I had headlined many of the most prestigious clubs in that area, as well. I've done studio, or session work, and collaborated with a myriad of recording artists, as to further my experience in the craft of writing music. Many bands, and many more original creations later, I am still quite active in production, arrangement, as I have developed a much stronger identity in my creative endeavors. I am foremost, a guitar player, but I have gotten quite comfortable with the lyrical, and melodic aspects of the craft as I've progressed within this medium. I am compiling new material for a release. I'm also seeking label interest, and support. Peace, ApB