About Songspace


To streamline creative and music business workflows that contribute to a more efficient music industry for both companies and creators.


Songspace helps music businesses and creators manage song catalogs, collaborate, send music and export data easily. Combining features from Dropbox/Box, iTunes, GoogleDocs, Excel and SoundCloud in one product, Songspace streamlines workflows such as listening, leaving feedback, searching, creating playlists, and pitch tracking. All while simplifying advanced tasks like data exports, asset delivery and registration.

Brick By Brick: How Companies Are Chipping Away at Music's Big Data Problem

“One of the music industry's biggest headaches is insufficient publishing data attached to the music that's delivered to distributors. Songspace is looking at the problem from a different angle to start producing a solution...Songspace has created a centralized platform in which businesses, producers and creators can manage their songs, lyrics, publishing splits, files and co-writers all in one place, rather than involving third party apps, file-sharing web sites or emailing disparate bits of data.”


Based in Nashville TN, Songspace brings together a team with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We work for Songspace because we’re passionate about solving issues within the music industry that will at the end of the day impact the creators and the art they’re producing.

Robert Clement

Co-founder, CEO

Christopher Igoe

Co-Founder, Director of Engineering and Product

Darren Briggs


Challey Legg

Director of Client Services & Operations

Román Alvarado

Product Director, Lead UI/UX

Molly Bales

Client Services Rep & QA Specialist

Jordan Reimer

Senior Frontend Developer




Small Pupper

Advisors & Investors

Dan Rowe

Managing Director & CEO

Sword, Row & Company

Kenny MacPherson


Big Deal Music

JT Myers

Founder & Managing Partner


Joe Conyers

VP Technology

Downtown Music Publishing

John Rudolph


Elias Arts

Scott Sellwood

Head of Commercial Music Publishing Partnerships


Paul Roper


Dualtone Music Group

Tawn Albright

EVP, Corporate Development

Leaf Group

Perrie Jones, Jr.

VP, Creative Development

Big Deal Music

Erik Eger

THREEE Entertainment

Josef Nuyens


Rugosa Partners

Paul Anthong Troiano

Former Founder, CEO