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About Andrew Foshee

Andrew Foshee is an eclectic songwriter originally from Kansas City, Missouri, though his nomadic lifestyle has lead him to call several different cities his home including Orlando, Austin, and San Diego. Foshee's music is derived from several different musical influences ranging from Electric Light Orchestra and Led Zeppelin to Ben Folds and Elliott Smith. Though stylistically he may bounce around from lazy folk singalongs to blues driven roots-rock, quirky piano-pop and even the occasional power ballad, his supple voice remains the cohesive glue in an otherwise incoherent songscape, even when it is charmingly out of tune. But do not be fooled. Although Foshee writes (and clearly listens to) a great and many different genres of music it is clear from the first listen that even though he dabbles within the borders of folk, rock, blues and roots music, his own songwriting can simply be described as highly charismatic 'pop'.

He is now playing locally with his rock band 'The Apology'



Alternative Rock, Folk, Singer/Songwriter