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About Arrica Rose

Los Angeles based artist Arrica Rose plays a unique brand of part folk, part dream and part vintage rock. She's had her music land on the iTunes and indie/college radio charts and has received critical praise from the likes of LA Weekly, Buzzbands, Blurt, iTunes, Esquire, and many. Her songs have been featured on MTV's Real World, The CW's Nikita, NBC's Lipstick Jungle and This Fall Arrica Rose and her band The …'s (The Dot Dot Dots) will be releasing a brand new full-length album produced by Daniel Garcia. "Let Alone Sea is a constant treat of tranquil elegance." - ITUNES Official Review

"This is a fantastic album, instantly accessible but gaining depth and nuance every time you put it on." - Jennifer Kelly BLURT MAGAZINE
(#19 in Blurt's Top 50 albums of 2011)

"...'Nothing Nada Nothing', one of the best indie rock tracks released this year." - Austin Trunick CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

"Contemplating the hazy space between Billie Holiday and Mazzy Star, Arrica Rose's intuitive guitar and introverted yet iron-willed utterances create sounds both mellow and dramatic...More produced than ever yet still almost chewably organic, Arrica Rose's effortlessly sensual music places little filter between her fears and longings and our own." - Paul Rogers LA WEEKLY

"It's rare to come across a recording that has synched the three pillars of modern popular music - song, style, and personae. Arrica Rose and her band, the ...'s, new record Let Alone Sea is the closest I've heard in ages. It's winning as a piece of song-craft. Melodies that soar and poetry that conveys real emotion. Songs you can sing and share knowing the hooks will do their work. But this isn't a mere singer-songwriter excercise: it's the recordings that are the magic here. Rose and her producer Dan Garcia have built airy soundscapes with an eclectic blend of instumentation that falls on the ear as an evolution in folk music." - Grant Langston L.A. RECORD Arrica Rose's & the ...'s Sail Away #11 on WXPN Sleepyhollow's Best 25 songs of 2011



Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Rock and Roll, Singer/Songwriter