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About Neftali De Jesus

Born in a small mountain town San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, Neftali came from humble beginnings. Son of a fiery pastor in a Pentecostal church and devoted mother, he is the twelfth child in a family of fifteen siblings. Eventually his family moved to New York where Neftali spent most of his youth absorbing the sounds of the city and developing his love for music. By the age of fifteen he began to hone the skills that would eventually lead to this brilliant singer/songwriter talent. As the grandson of an accordion player, the son of an acoustic guitarist and brother to many talented siblings, Neftali was born with music coursing through his veins. Raised with music all around him, Neftali was gladly influenced by Salsa, Jibaro Folk, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Hip Hop and Pop/Rock. But is was the innovative musical style of Classic Rock artists like John Fogerty and Blues legend Robert Johnson that spoke directly to his heart and produced his insatiable need to create. By writing composing, arranging and producing all of his own material he has created a virtual arsenal of music. Instinctively, he takes mainstream electric idioms, nuts and bolts Rock and welds the glowing embers into white-hot rhythms that fluctuate between gentle elegance, pinpoint detail and fiery street fighting aggression. Neftali is a troubadour of real life; a sinewy alto voice stress blessed with heavy urban abandon. His music is twisting and changing with a full strength message of human emotion that speaks to every one.