Dyman Khonneth Yahaya



About Dyman Khonneth Yahaya

I hold a degree in Psychology and Philosophy.
I am a romantic man at heart. So, I put all that romance in writing in order to share it with all of you

I believe I am a talented writer as in a poet, romance novelist and above all a lyricist. Due to great love stories that I write, on wikinut.com where I'm one of the prolific writers, I've been given the title of the guru of love. On Facebook, I'm called The Love Doctor.

Musically, I honed my song writing skills with Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Knowing that a song should keep you company regardless of the situation in which you might find yourself, and make you feel better in the end, I write songs that will massage your feelings.

If you know the magic of love songs, then all I've to say to you is; enjoy!



Americana/Roots, Bluegrass, Folk