Dave Colvin



About Dave Colvin

I have been a singer/songwriter since I was 10 - mostly songs with a folk/country sound to them. Also my songs pay homage to family, friends and growing up in Decatur, Illinois - will try to also pass along my 40+ years experience writing songs for those songwriters out there!
I studied songwriting from the late Jack Segal (Scarlett Ribbons, When Sunny Gets Blue) and Jason Blume (Change MY Mind) while living in California a few years back.
As a songwriter I am currently promoting part of my catalog of songs along with the efforts of Nashville veteran, Chris Keaton, whose pitching of my material is currently maintaining between 45-55 "kepts" each month for my songs by artists and producers for their current projects.
Have worked with Kent Goodsen at Digitracks Demo Service over the years who has demoed many of my songs. Also have worked with Steve Dady, owner of Sunset Blvd Studios who has engineered many of my recent demos. Have been networking to pitch songs on my own through my company Arnybarn Music (BMI) to local producers, artists and managers