Disappointed By Candy



About Disappointed By Candy

The Nashville based Disappointed By Candy was born out of the hearts and minds of two classically trained percussionists, Gabe Ruschival and Jeremy Lutito. Formed in May of 2003 as a raised fist to a long simmering pot of false starts and dead ends in their diverse musical journey, Disappointed By Candy emerged quickly as one of Nashville's most exciting and promising acts. Their dance inflected beats lay a perfect bed for their engaging melodies and driving guitars. Armed with an energetic and engaging live show that Nashville's All The RAGE described as more dynamic and entertaining than ever, DBC operates as a full-fledged trio, utilizing sampling and programing as they fly around the stage, and at times switching instruments mid-song. In early 2006 DBC went into hiding and immersed themselves in the creative process. Gabe and Jeremy both write songs but like to consider them all co-written in the end. They both have to agree on every musical nuance, every part and lyric before it becomes finalized. Even a fully conceived song will get put through their collaborative process. The result is their new self titled full length debut which released on November 6th, 2007