About DMProgress

Progress is a poet in the true sense of the word, driven by his passion for constant self betterment, social and political advance, and sonic creativity. As a performing emcee/rapper he spent 6 years melding his style and his stage presence with his band eLeMeN.O.P. (The Element Of Progression). His experience in the band helped him forge a well educated sense on how to create, execute, perform and record music. While he was creating live Hip-Hop sounds influenced by rock, funk and experimental music, he was also recording with producers from all walks of life. The only natural next step was for him to start producing himself. In September of 2006 Progress and his wife decided to move To Southern California from their home in Atlanta, Georgia. This decision was reluctantly made despite the local success of eLeMeN.O.P, and his close proximity to family and friends. Sacrificing all he held dear, he chose to look at this move as an opportunity to extend his band's network and to take on the task of covering the lyrical and the musical fronts on his own. For the past two years Progress has made a diverse solution settled somewhere between the sound of Daft Punk and the Beastie Boys, but with a message and style of delivery all his own. His lyrics are charged with spiritual poetry and a passion for social change. His music is fused with funky rhythms and danceable leading synth lines and arpeggios. Due to the digital age and slow decaying music industry, we are led into a time of independent artists who believe and convey theirs beliefs unhindered from labels and executives. Progress welcomes this change in hope that his audience will relate to a more personable and unfiltered type of musician, question is, will you?