Drew Dixon



About Drew Dixon

The 23-year-old Columbia, S.C.-native combines his expressly unique voice with a deep appreciation for the blues and his innate rock tendencies to create a deeply soulful vibe that connects with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and musical inclinations.

More than just another pretty voice, Dixon nurtured and explored his creative skills at the University of Georgia in a journalism major that constantly challenged his approach to writing and tested his ability to create a believable story that people could connect with. Needless to say, the daily original writing requirements, teamed with a music business-savvy that was honed in the university's certificate program has set Dixon on a dynamic and promising song-writing path that he continues to build upon with each set.

With shows every week in cities such as Athens, Ga., Charlotte, N.C., Nashville, Tenn., and Knoxville, Tenn., Dixon is quickly becoming a staple on the southeastern music circuit, and he is steadily racking up show upon appearance upon committed fans that has allowed him to find an innovative and unexpected niche in an ever-changing, and often clichéd, music community.

Dixon's set list teems with an unpredictable assortment of songs, ranging from well-loved Aretha Franklin hits to alluring Bob Dylan covers, but it is the pool of captivating originals that really makes a Drew Dixon show memorable. Songs such as "Ride" and "Devil's Cup" flaunt his artistry and demonstrate his unmistakable talent as both a singer and as a songwriter. His evocative delivery of each well-crafted piece captures the attention of any audience and introduces them to a distinctive and unforgettable sound that Dixon brings to each and every set.