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One Product

Songspace replaces off-the-shelf tools not designed to manage music (Box, iTunes, Excel, Dropbox, SoundCloud, GDrive). Spend less time uploading and downloading from multiple places and connect your workflows to your assets.

Scale Teamwork

Songspace puts your entire company to work in a single, centralized environment, all working from the same music assets, rights data and pitch tracking. Seamlessly collaborate across departments, offices and teams.

Publishing & Master Rights

Songspace is the only platform designed to manage music publishing copyrights and master sound recordings - while streamlining everyday creative and administrative workflows for any size company.

Catalog Management

Customized Display

Personalize how you see your songs by selecting your catalog headers with custom sorting. View and manage all metadata and rights info from a single location.


Basic and advanced search options to find what you need quickly and filter. Search across all or specific catalogs by any field, keyword, contact or multiple attributes (lyrics, tags, moods, themes, writers, artists, publishers, instrumental, etc) via our Advanced Search.

Smart Playlists

Alleviate the manual upkeep of catalog organization by letting Smart Playlists do that work for you. Identify data gaps within your catalog so that you can resolve them easier (identify songs that don’t have lyrics, writer splits, etc.)

Publishing Rights

Song Pages

Our song structure enables you to centralize and link all information pertaining to an individual song - pub & release info, creative metadata, registration & song IDs, audio files, etc.

Writer Contacts & Publishing Agreements

Create contacts for all writers pertaining to your catalog (both controlled and noncontrolled) and associate all of their corresponding info (pub agreements, PRO, etc.)

Track Down Master Data

Easily obtain ISRCs and other release data from Spotify’s API.

Reports & Exports

Export catalog, or portions of catalog, in various formats at any time, pulling from any existing files and data already aggregated in your catalog. Easily filter what you need to export with our advanced search.

Masters, Albums, & Releases

Album Pages & Locking

Centralized page to edit and manage album and track metadata, product info, sequence and key IDs (UPCs, ISRCs, Release Label, etc). Lock albums once they've been released.

Advanced Tagging

Recording creative fields and keyword tagging such as Moods, Themes, Tempo, Keys, Vocals, Instruments & more.

Recording Metadata

Flag any recording as a Demo, Master (Released vs Unreleased), Stem, Worktape, Production Music, Video, Instrumental, Explicit and whether or not you have Master Rights.

Unique Release Pitching Design

Share albums/ releases efficiently; send an album, but deselect tracks (to remove songs with rights issues/songs you don’t control). Advanced release playlist design - includes release label, release date, track thumbnails and master rights info.

Pitching & Stats

Tracked Links

Send customizable tracked links for playlists, songs or albums. Edit your links at any time and those changes will be reflected on the same link.


For all pitch links, track the number of views, plays, downloads, and playback duration with location and timestamps for all activity.

Song Performance

A table that organizes pitch stats into a view that allows you to analyze top performing songs in your catalog.

Default Settings

Default images for songs or playlists, and default contact information for all pitches across your company.


Opt into email and/or in-app notifications for pitching and catalog activity.

Projects, Statuses & Reporting


Keep track of all potential pitching projects along with all of their relevant info.


Add statuses to projects and songs to allow for better status management and ensure your team is all on the same page.

Pitch Management & Reporting

A dashboard that centralizes every team member’s pitches in a workspace where you’re able to filter by any attributes and quickly generate reports.

Permissions & Catalog Sharing


Advanced admin roles & controls for team members allow the account managers to stipulate who can access specific rights, pitching or catalog data and oversee the functionality of every user within a team.

Shared Catalogs

Whether it’s writers working with publishers or publishers submitting to administrators, easily share songs and catalog data with those you work with.

Onboarding & Training

Back Catalog Ingestion

Songspace offers a consultation call where we support your team in building a plan to onboard your catalog. Reach out to to learn more.

Are you a FUGA client? Reach out to and ask about our API connection for FUGA clients only!


Virtual training and a designated account manager is available for business clients as well as in-app chat assistance. We take pride in developing strong relationships with our clients.

You're in good company

Hundreds of music publishers, record labels, management companies, studios, sync reps and music teams around the world have made Songspace the platform they depend on everyday.

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Dualtone Music Group

"Songspace is the most comprehensive platform for managing assets and pitching that I have ever seen. It is intuitive, user friendly and easily collaborative across staff members. One walk through the demo and we were sold."

Paul Roper

Paul Roper

President/ Partner, Dualtone Music Group

Round Hill Music

“The Songspace team really gets the intricacies of data import and export. This expertise really lended itself to creating a thoughtful and easy process to export data in which we can import into MusicMaestro.”

Michael Lau

Michael Lau

COO / CTO, Round Hill Music

Downtown Music Holdings

"Songspace is an invaluable tool for any modern music publisher. Rather than managing scattered files across various e-mails, apps and hard-drives, Songspace enables our writers to seamlessly share splits, demos, masters, lyrics and more. We couldn't imagine working without it."

Justin Kalifowitz

Justin Kalifowitz

CEO, Downtown Music Holdings

Big Deal Music Nashville

"I have been using Songspace for almost a year for individual song pitches and song samplers. The design is clean and easy to navigate whether you are using it on your desktop or mobile device. Songspace is a solid,powerful tool."

Dale Bobo

Dale Bobo

Sr. Vice President, Big Deal Music Nashville

Essential Music Publishing

"The ingestion and client services team at Songspace were wonderful to work with! They were able to take our complicated publishing deals and song metadata, and ingest them into Songspace seamlessly. In addition to our metadata, Songspace was able to take all of our song recordings and lyrics and match them to the correct songs! Essential Music Publishing could not be more pleased with the ingestion process and we LOVE using Songspace everyday to manage our catalog!"

Andie Rankins

Andie Rankins

Manager of Publishing Administration, Essential Music Publishing