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Catalog Management

No more files scattered across emails, apps, and hard-drives. Stop using tools not made to manage music and associate your audio to your data.

Song Pages

Keep track of all audio versions, lyrics, writer splits, song identifiers, publishing and release data for each of the artists, writers and catalogs you manage.


Catalogs are completely searchable by title, artist, tags, lyrics, files, writer, dates, album, etc.

Pitch pages and tracking

Pitch Tracking

Send playlists and songs more efficiently. Keep track of pitch history, how many times a song has been viewed, downloaded, played and by whom. Pull reports anytime.

"I have been using Songspace for almost a year for individual song pitches and song samplers. The design is clean and easy to navigate whether you are using it on your desktop or mobile device. Songspace is a solid,powerful tool."

Dale Bobo

Sr. Vice President - Big Deal Music Nashville


Your entire catalog accessible on the go, so you can find, listen, and share songs and playlists from anywhere.

"Songspace is the most comprehensive platform for managing assets and pitching that I have ever seen. It is intuitive, user friendly and easily collaborative across staff members. One walk through the demo and we were sold."

Paul Roper

President - Dualtone Music Group

Songspace iOS app
Share catalogs

Catalog Sharing

Whether it’s writers working with publishers or publishers submitting to administrators, easily share songs and catalog data with those you work with.

"When Dallas (Davidson) and Play It Again decided to work with a larger publisher, we had one meeting with the client services team at Songspace and within an hour our entire catalog was shared with our new partner. This saved us what would have been months wrangling songs, splits, lyrics and music. It was awesome and so easy!"

Hannah Montgomery

Creative Director - Play It Again Music Publishing


Quickly generate exports into industry standard formats, pulling from any existing files and data already aggregated in your catalog. Easily filter what you need to export with our advanced search.

“The Songspace team really gets the intricacies of data import and export. This expertise really lended itself to creating a thoughtful and easy process to export data in which we can import into MusicMaestro.”

Michael Lau

COO - Round Hill Music

Export playlists

Free Ingestion

We offer to ingest catalogs for free, if you are upgraded to Songspace for Business. Please contact for more info.

"The ingestion and client services team at Songspace were wonderful to work with! They were able to take our complicated publishing deals and song metadata, and ingest them into Songspace seamlessly. In addition to our metadata, Songspace was able to take all of our song recordings and lyrics and match them to the correct songs! Essential Music Publishing could not be more pleased with the ingestion process and we LOVE using Songspace everyday to manage our catalog!"

Andie Rankins

Andie Rankins

Manager of Publishing Administration - Essential Music Publishing

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