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About Jason

I guess you know by now that I'm Jason, a new resident to Nashville. I just moved here from Cleveland, Oh. I've been writing for about 2 years now. It started as simply a form of therapy, as bad as that sounds! It was a way for me get out some of the things that I couldn't say. I fell in love with the sense of creative expression that you can accomplish by words. I am always one for the challenge! So, when I challenged myself to pursue something so large, I put on my running shoes and have been running this marathon ever since! Some may laugh, some may think its just another dream to large to see come true. I don't think its a dream at all, I think everyone is in control of there own future or "destiny. I'm just working on mine. I've seen some very frustrating times and some amazing ones as well. Through it all its made me a stronger person. It made me step back and continue to always analyze all my works over and over again. I am my own biggest critic I guess! Those usually end up being the frustrating times!! But, I accept the challenge!



Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop, Singer/Songwriter