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About Jennifer Adan

WRITTEN BY MY BIGGEST FAN...MY MOM! "Jennifer was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and her passion for writing began when she was 10 years old. She has an impressive catalog of over 400 songs and continues to write daily and has been fortunate to work with producers, Jason Garner to produce her songs. Jennifer's writing has won her several scholarships, which has paid her tuition and enabled her to graduate from a local Community College in California with an Associate in Arts Degree. There she studied music, film, and English. She plans on continuing her education in English and possibly teaching Creative Writing to young students to help inspire them to always follow their dreams. In September of 2006, Jennifer won the Jeffrey Steele Songwriting Bootcamp and came to Nashville to work with him. Six months later in March 2007, she moved to Nashville following the advice of Jeff (as well as others) to come to here to write songs. Since moving, she has written with many wonderful and established writers and one in particular changed her career. She wrote a song with Cory Batten called "She Wouldn't Be Gone" which was not only Jennifer's first cut, but also her first number one song which stayes two week 1 on the charts. The single is off of Blake Shelton's new album "Startin' Fires"! Her other song, "How You Say Goodbye" has been recorded by up and comer Deanne Moore and is her new single off her album. She is a talented and prolific writer whose writings are not limited to songs. She is also writing several screenplays, novels, children's stories, greeting cards, and poetry. Jennifer acknowledges God for giving her the gift of writing and she feels that she is deeply blessed. She believes her possibilities are endless, especially with the love and support of her family and friends. "