Joe Hash is a dynamic and entertaining country singer-songwriter. He credits Tommy Emmanuel with starting him down this path. "That guy is inspirational," he says of the famous guitarist. "I attended one of his workshops thinking I might learn how to play better, and I came out thinking about what's important to me in life." Turns out, it was songwriting.

Since then, not only has Joe's writing taken off, but he loves to see audiences respond to his music. And audiences aren't the only ones responding.

Reviewing Joe's song, "The Last Waltz" for American Songwriter, award-winning singer-songwriter Amy Speace said, "You listen to this kind of song and you just have a permanent smile on your face. Because it's one of those songs that's like a great discovery. It's a total standard."

Other top Nashville songwriters have had a similar reaction to Hash's music. When Songwriter Hall of Fame honoree Tony Arata heard "Dynamite Shack," he exclaimed, "I love this song!" And Rich Fagan ("Sold! The Grundy County Auction Incident") called it "a masterpiece."

Another Hall of Famer, Jeffrey Steele, has been spotted in a Nashville audience, yelling and spelling out H-I-L-L-B-I-L-L-Y to Joe's crowd pleaser, "The H Word." And Music Connection Magazine ranked Joe's songs among their Top 25 new music finds of 2012.

Joe was born in Ohio, but his family roots are in the south, and so are his influences. Happily married to a Canadian beauty who happens to be an equine health professional, he shares her love of horses, and she shares his love of music. Right now, they're building a home in the rolling horse country just south of Nashville.



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