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About Joe Zelek

"There are a lot of talented newcomers out there, so sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.  That is not true with Joe Zelek.  His music is definitely Country, sprinkled with sounds of his native Appalachia.  But, there's also a bit of a "Rock Star" attitude that filters into his music, giving him a sound all his own." -Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

"Unless you live in the Ohio Valley or are within their current touring radius in the tri-state area of OH, WV, and PA, it's possible/probable you haven't heard of the Joe Zelek Band. Yet. The JZB now has a single at country radio (the title track), and probably at least four more on this remarkably consistent set. They sure sound like they're ready to break through to us." -Napster

"Who You Gonna Run To," in texture is similar to the great Bryan Adams singles—hooky and simple—and stuff that you can't get out of your head. It's also the kind of stuff that you want to play over and over again—or have your radio station play over and over again for you." -Jim Asker/

"Joe Zelek is one heck of a performer....with an appealing voice and an infectious camaraderie with the fans." -Bubba Kapral, Times Leader Newspaper (Martins Ferry, OH)

"The first time I heard the single by the Joe Zelek band, I was tapping my foot - big time! What a hook, what an infectious melody!" - John Sebastian/Program Director/The New Q!/WWQM Madison.