Keith Charles Dovoric

Fairfield, NJ

Songwriter, Band


About Keith Charles Dovoric

"It looks as though I swim against the tides, / But I'm just drowning, one stroke at a time." The couplet is from a new composition by Keith Charles Dovoric, yet it could neatly sum up the spirit and philosophy of this highly unique songsmith. A singer-songwriter, musician, and author from Essex County, NJ, Mr. Dovoric has been performing and recording for nearly twenty years, both in bands and as a solo offering. He has written and performed music in multiple genres, including rock, blues, folk-rock, country, punk, and rockabilly. Mr. Dovoric's influences range from legendary artists such as Leonard Cohen, Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, and Talking Heads; to literary giants like Dylan Thomas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Norman Mailer, and Hunter S. Thompson.

Such aesthetics, informed by a cultural awareness, reflect in the lyrics of Mr. Dovoric, also an English teacher. "[The lyrics] should be serviced by the music, as unpopular a notion as that may be in the pop-music arena of mostly hook-laden garbage. I like lyrics that boast a certain audacity; songs like 'First We Take Manhattan' [by Leonard Cohen] or 'Quite Ugly One Morning' or even 'Mr. Bad Example' [both by Warren Zevon] represent a sort of ideal to me. They are not only distinguishable, they are also distinguished." Indeed, Dovoric-penned songs such as "Coup de Grace," "Something to Build," "Over the Hill," and "Nostalgic for Tomorrow" maintain a strong attention to craft and concept.

Ever prolific, Mr. Dovoric recorded and released "Home Cooked" in the summer of 2012, followed shortly after by "80-Proof Tears," in February, 2013; both can be streamed and/or downloaded, in their entirety, via the artist's page at In addition, Mr. Dovoric published "No Man's Land: Songs & Poems," a career-compendium featuring over 160 works and definitively showcasing his yen for substantive, literate songcraft.

Mr. Dovoric is a happy father and husband, though the pessimistic tone of much of his material may suggest otherwise ("If one should learn anything from the Hemingways and Fitzgeralds, the Morrisons and Zevons, it is to never marry one's craft with one's domestic situation"). As an impassioned live act, his intermittent performances can be caught at wineries throughout the Hudson Valley region (see Mr. Dovoric's Facebook page for program of scheduled shows).

Though perhaps not yet a household name, Mr. Dovoric is an undeniably original voice, sure to be welcomed by those who weary of the generic, digitized, and cookie-cutter realms of current mainstream banality.

Choice Cuts: Coup de Grace, Falling Apart in the Comfort Zone, Here Comes the Load, Something to Build, 80-Proof Tears of Sorrow, Marathon Man, Rewarded in Heaven

Partial Discography:
"Broken Pilgrim" (2008)
1. Dehumanization
2. Out of Tune Blues
3. Curse the Sky Above
4. Shot in the Foot
5. The Statue
6. Man on Fire
7. Thank You for Purchasing My World
8. St. Peter's Blues
9. Over the Hill
10. Gift of Touch
11. Please Don't Let Your Beauty Evaporate
12. Looking 4-ward 2 Love

"Home Cooked" (2012)
1. Coup de Grace
2. The Anxiety Shuffle
3. Falling Apart in the Comfort Zone
4. It's Easy
5. When the Old Farts Are Gone
6. Go Back Home
7. House of Desperation
8. Over the Hill
9. Here Comes the Load (after Irene)
10. Disabled Love
11. Terminal Shutdown
12. Peace of Mind?
13. I Believe You
14. I Wanna Stay Home Tonight

"80-Proof Tears" (2013)
1. Tonight, I'm Gettin' Paid
2. 80-Proof Tears of Sorrow
3. Living the DMV Life
4. Something to Build
5. Wouldn't Be Surprised
6. Nostalgic for Tomorrow
7. Jesus (I Hope So)
8. Piano on a Toothpick
9. What Your Mind Is Thinking
10. Another Day, Another Delusion
11. Rewarded in Heaven
12. Marathon Man
13. The People I Used to Hate


Solo Recordings:
Prescription for Loneliness (2004)
"I Love How Your Love Stays" (single, 2006)
Broken Pilgrim (2008)
Home Cooked (2012)
80-Proof Tears (2012)

No Man's Land: Songs & Poems (2012, Publishing)

Venues previously played:
Love Sexy in Hoboken, NJ; Bank/Limelight in NYC; Spiral Club in NYC; Club Bene in Sayreville, NJ; CBGB in NYC; Unionville Winery in Ringoes, NJ: Blue Roon in Secaucus, NJ; Buddies Tavern in Sayreville, NJ; Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ; Starbucks in Nutley, NJ; Barnes and Noble Cafes in West Paterson and Clifton, NJ