Lonnie J. Good



About Lonnie J. Good

Born in Sedro-Woolley Washington. I remember family reunions that were a time of music. The guitars, mandolins, and voices would come together and then we would eat!

Don't know a lot about either side of my family.. the Bakers (on my mom's side) were wiped out (3 generations) in the Mountain Meadow Massacre and dad died when I was a lad.

Music has always been a beautiful part of life for me. Whether it was a gospel song in the small county church I grew up in or Led Zepplin in my troubled teens. Music has always been there.

It's a great way to self medicate, i.e., to just sit down and play an acoustic guitar. And then we, as writers want others to enjoy the same.

So we write. We write about everything.... we write about the stars, or people, or animals and plants, we write about life, death, living, and we write some more. That's what we do.

I've been to Nashville a few times, sang at the world famous Blue Bird Cafe. Sang songs about life. They were great songs, I'm still perfecting them, trying to get them to a place that others can enjoy them as much as I do.

I have been invoved with several praise bands... that was great... I mean you have a captive audience and no one is drunk or smoking... at least on Sunday morning.

Some of the best time recently has been with my wife and co-writer. We found each other in the studio. We rearanged our lives so we could be together. We work hard and we write..... we write about everything..... lol

and then we write some more.