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About Marc Wildman

Marc Wildman is a professional singer/songwriter with a focus more on songwriting and pitching songs. Marc spent over 15 years on the road professionally as a musician, and now writes full-time mostly in the Country genera.

In 2011 Marc won the Grand Prize for writing the winning 'Jingle' for Sweet Vidalia Onions. In 2012 the company used Marc's 'Jingle' behind Country Super Star Josh Tuner. Marc produced the 'Jingle' for Universal Studios and it was featured on Kix Brooks Live country Countdown, a syndicated show throughout the United States.

Marc's story is also presently featured on Kix Brooks, 'Live Like You Were Dying' program. Marc pitches his country songs full time and has over 100 songs in his catalouge.

Marc's website is online at, where you can check out some of his music on the Marc Wildman JukeBox Page, his winning jingle, and his jingle with Josh Turner.

Marc Wildman

Please feel free to contact Marc if your in need of melodies or lyrical content.



Alternative Country, Bluegrass, Singer/Songwriter