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He was born in Mississippi and she was born in Tennessee. He lost his accent and she didn't. Dabbs had a fond love for classic folk/pop artists far from his generation, Neil Young, Paul Mccartney, Lennon, Van Morrison. Monroe had a fond love for classic country artists like Pasty Cline, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton ,Emmy Lou Harris. He moved to Nashville and continued his solo career and aimed to assemble songs only written by conviction. She had the same convictions with her career, yet hers was backed by a Sony Nashville record deal. After they listened to each others music, the two decided to write a few songs together. This decision was questioned with curiosity, "Can songs this simple connect like they used to?" With high hopes in hand and songs in the purest form, Dabbs & Monroe are moving forward. Once Monroe & Sony split ways, the duo decided to take these songs into the studio to see what may become of this. With great responses so far, their hard work will continue...