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I started studying the art of songwriting in the mid Seventies, and by the early 80's was performing regularly at The Penny Post in New Orleans (later The Neutral Ground.) I traveled the country in the early 90's writing and performing at off the wall venues with a talented New Orleans pianist/songwriter. The late 90's were the years when I started publishing my New Orleans art, and there was little time for performing, but in the early 21st Century, I performed occasional short gigs at Checkpoint Charlie's on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, Lucky's on St. Charles Avenue, and every Friday Night at the salons that I held at my Art Studio on Elesian Fields Avenue. I've never been a cover artist, and only performed my own writing.

Hurricane Katrina blasted me out of New Orleans, and I retreated to my Home Away From Home, Pensacola Beach. I got a ukulele because I didn't like dragging my guitar all over the Beach, and it triggered a whole new collection of songwriting! I love to sing my songs directly to people, one at a time, up close, even better than the fantastic feeling of being on a stage, and feel as if doing it that way turns the whole world into my constant open mic. I guess I have the old fashioned troubadour spirit, with a bit of Court Jester mixed in!

My day job is still as a creator of collectable art prints which is my first and most serious love (please visit but I have become focused lately on making my own songs accessible to other performers. My muse becomes most active, though, when writing made-to-order songs for particular needs ("Zombies Drinkin' at the Bar" was written on October 31st, 2007, before hitting the Hallowe'en Pub Crawl on the Beach! "We Haven't Yet Learned How to Love" was written in response to reading the plotline of a movie due out in 2009 about a a little robot boy who is trying to learn how to be a real little boy.) I would love to write for tv/movies, commercials, or performing artists with particular song needs. Stravinsky wrote that he loved to write for ballet because of the strict limitations, and that one could not begin to create true art until some limitations had been set within which to create. What do you need?



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