About RBBrown

I pretty much just love to write. Sometimes playing with a melody or lyric in my head is the only thing keeping me awake at work ... which is good ... I don't make any money writing songs.

Please excuse the recordings. They were all done on a small stand alone digital recorder by me... in my pajamas... at the foot of my bed... and I have no idea what I'm doing as far as recording goes. Trial, error, google, youtube, and good old fashioned shots in the dark are my only friends. I figure if I keep shooting, sooner or later I'll hit something, learn from it and use it. I recently upgraded to computer based recording and love the results so far. I'm still recording one instrument at a time from drums to vocals. Editing and mixing on my own learning as I go. I hope to have better recordings of these songs as well as some new songs to post very soon.

Good or bad they come out one by one, bits and pieces of my life written down for fun.

Thanks for listening !!!