Ryan Tanner



About Ryan Tanner

... beautiful, a voice reminiscent of nick drake.
Joe Henry, March 2010

"A voice and phrasing to die for ... The Real Deal."
Pat Pattison, Professor at Berklee & Author of "Writing Better Lyrics"

Some songs are novels. Others are mantras. Some are soda pop and candy while others are bitter pills. Ryan Tanner's songs are, for the most part, none of those. They're photographs. Snapshots. A truthful, beautiful, sometimes sad, sometimes contented photographic approach to one scene, one moment. Tanner has been lauded for his "knack for turning words into images" (IN Utah) and "spare songs of love and roaming" (Salt Lake City Weekly) for good reason.

You could call it folk, but those aren't the touchstones. These songs are steeped in Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Joe Henry– enduring, timeless storytellers who keep genre-namers busy. Is it folk? Is it rock? Is it country? Is it blues? The real questions are: does it move you? Does it take you somewhere? And, when listening to Ryan Tanner sing his songs, the answer is yes.

Tanner's former band, Atherton, were no slouches either. They had some success when their song "California" was on MTV's Laguna Beach soundtrack and played high profile tours with bands like American Music Club, The Mother Hips, Sea Wolf, Deer Tick, and The New Frontiers. The Salt Lake Tribune called their last album "a winning set of country-rock sure to please fans of Ryan Adams and Son Volt with some fine songcraft."

The band was amicably dissolved when Tanner felt his new songs needed a different home. If we've learned anything about the muse, it's that you meet her demands. So Ryan Tanner has set out on his own, just a guitar and a gallery of beautiful, heartbreaking songs to his name.