Scott Wilder



About Scott Wilder

Scott is a singer/songwriter/worship leader/mixing engineer based out of Indianapolis. He came up through his home town's school music program loving all styles of music and jazz in particular.

After a four year stint in the U.S. Army; Scott's life of faith went into high gear and he began performing as part of his church's worship team as a guitarist and vocalist.

Scott writes music about life and faith. Not just writing happy songs; but writing about struggle, loss and failure. The songs being the 1st step of a conversation instead of being the conversation itself. "A three minute song with two verses, a chorus, and a coda is just not enough to convey all the wonderment of life. These songs are just a springboard for more meaningful conversation between me and the listener. A conversation that happens at shows, on the Internet, and anywhere else you can find me."

Scott writing is influenced by artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Nichole Nordeman, Derek Webb, Shaun Groves, Chris Rice and Hillsongs United.