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Sounds Like Shavon, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Collaborative Artist, Lunatic. Writing and singing song from early ages in school and throughout high school and college years, Released first solo album called "Okay Nevermind" recorded in Ortega Studios Redding california early 2001! Stepped aside for a few years and came back in with bang and a whole new direction of purpose and songs, in 2008 with "Not Obliviously Alien" The online album release got overseas attention and some opp. arose that allowed travel to scotland and meet with several different labels, and booking agencies. Return to states to get a more solid base going, Released Next EP titled Canvas of Waves late 2009 and made a connection with UK band Called Lunatic Fluid! The Track "World Apart" came out of this meeting and pulled us together to create more music. Connected in New York to do some pop music with a side of Hip Hop collab. Wanting to learn a new sound, hoped a plane and flew over to New York and worked with Bad Habbits Entertainment with Dutch Creator of Rockgang and Rapper Montega Brix, Niamson, Jwhite, Twins Prod. Did some new style tracks came out with an album Chameleon which is the straight mix of acoustic work and New Electronic pop material. After this inpiration I wanted to cross the 2 sounds together to find something new and my own. Lunatic Fluid Front man and Producer Minus 13 came forward to take on the task of my new EP. I was able to fly over for a few days and do a show and some real work with the boys. We had a strong chemistry and the music was coming out solid. We started getting the EP for SOunds Like Shavon Becoming Lunatic started around july of 2010 and are in hopes for a finished product by New Year. The First single called "BlackSong" Ft. Lunatic Fluid
will also have a music video coming along with it, ft. people from California, Nashville and England! Its a new smash of sounds, acoustic songwriting, and a fresh new Trip Hop feel.