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About stephen winnett

Thank you for viewing my page. I am a songwriter who has done the band thing for many years and now I have finally come to terms with the realization that my passion for music lies within the writing and not the performing. I have never felt at home on stage but I have always felt at home in the studio writing and recording. I have over 500 original songs and growing and all in various genres. I write whatever comes out of me when I pick up an instrument. I have recently decided to pitch my songs to artists and let the the cards fall where they may. If you are an artist viewing my page and music and you hear a song that appeals to you or you like a style of song but are curious to hear another song from me in that style then please contact me at your earliest convenience. Whether you are an artist/Industry or just passing through I would be honored if you were to leave me any critiques, comments or just plain hello's on my page. Wish you all much success and happiness in your musical endeavors and thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about who I am.

Stephen Winnett