About stewartclawson

Performer gone sound company owner. Left my music for years and have recently in the past couple of years come back. Have some songs on my space now. I Write when I can. I play keyboards and guitar. I love to play but don't do it professionally anymore (not that I would'nt if I could make time between the business and my Family). 7 years ago played in a country rock band call Swifty Morgan in Montana with some great friends. We put together an album back then but it never went any where. I now live in Florida and have a small protools studio and a few good mics and a little time to work on my music. I don't force it, if its not feeling right I put it down till it does. I play about an hour or so a day. I work at home and can be reached anytime at 561-827-9753. Call me if your interested in writing with me. I like music that's more acoustic (as in a band sound, not beats and tracks). Acoustic rock/folk/story music. I listen to many different genres but always end up back at the singer / songwriters style as my favorite. I only write about how I feel and what I know. I would love to work with someone who likes my sound and voice. I love to sing and play solo acoustic (I set up sometimes before soundcheck at my company's shows and play a few through the "big PA" it always makes me feel good. I am 45 years old and have a wife and 5 kids (3 living with me now, 2 grown up and on their own). I love music and want it to be a bigger thing in my life than it has been in the past 10 years.