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About Ten Out Of Tenn

Ten Out Of Tenn debuted three years ago to shine a light on a few of the many Nashville artists who haven't waited around for the world to hear about them. It was the brainchild of recording artist Trent Dabbs and his wife Kristen. On their way to Nashville from Jackson, Miss., it occurred to them that their favorite musicians were closer than they'd realized. "We were thinking about how much music we like that happens to be our friends'," says Dabbs. "There's a community of people here with a lot of talent." Helmed by Kristen, the idea quickly turned into a compilation disc, and the compilation into a tour.

The inaugural tour was partnered by Myspace.com and Paste Magazine who praised: "The average person's knowledge of Music City consists of televised Tim McGraw concerts and Bluebird Cafe T-shirts. But there's a mostly overlooked community of musicians behind Nashville's glitz. Ten out of Tenn is a group of independent, Nashville-based musicians who have a lot more to offer than rhinestones and country-pop."